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Lori Applegate - Portfolio

Digital Skills                                                                                                                                                               Please note that links to the web sites and applications are located on the "Educational Apps & Programs" page.                                                                                                 


Technical Skills


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint


Library Programs:




Web Applications & Sites:

Padlet (Introductory activities for class)

Bob Books #1

Bob Books #2

Kids Flashcard Maker

ABC Magnetic Alphabet

Bubbl.us (Mind maps)

Zondle (Educational games)

Teachers Pay Teachers (Educational lesson plans & materials)

YouTube For Schools (Classroom videos)      

Pinterest (Virtual pin board for educational ideas)

Schoolology (Create a virtual classroom site)

YouTube EDU (Broad set of educational videos)

Google Apps for Education (G-mail, calendar, Google Docs etc…)





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