Lori Applegate - Portfolio
Lori Applegate - Portfolio



                                                                         Lori J. Applegate

                                                                         1481 E. Natasha Drive

                                                                         Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Objective:  My goal is to find employment that allows me to work as a media specialist in a school district that values the integration of technology to move students into the future with the skills they need to survive.  This will allow me to help to provide high quality services to my students, and  my community, in a positive and professional manner.


Employment History:


December 2014-Present                     Library Media Assistant/Specialist and Textbook Coordinator

                                                            Legacy Traditional Schools

                                                            1376 E. O’Neill Drive

                                                            Casa Grande, AZ 85122


My position at Legacy Traditional School includes as library media /assistant specialist and textbook coordinator. As a textbook coordinator my responsibilities include working with a large staff, and over 950 students to check out, and in classroom textbooks. Also, it is my responsibility to ensure that all textbooks are in the Destiny Textbook for statisical analysis reports.  My position also includes helping with Dibels testing, and playground and lunchroom duties.   As a media specialist I work to ensure my student success as readers, library skills, and as digital citizens.  Our educational team collaboratively alignes our curriculum, and methods, to help reinforce the common core curriculum. My responsibilities as a media specialist include maintaining the media center, and creating an inviting environment conducive to learning and the enjoyment of literature.  I select, and order, media for a K-8 student body, while following the district guidelines.  My curriculum for the library includes library, and research skills, with the upmost consideration to digital literacy.   My duties also include providing quality library service for staff and students.                                                               



January 7th, 2012 - Present                  Library Media /Assistant/Specialist and Title I Assistant/Kinder-plus Teacher

                                                             Casa Grande Elementary School District No. 4

                                                             220 W. Kortsen Road

                                                             Casa Grande, AZ 85122

                                                             (520) 836-2111



My position at Ironwood Elementary School included one year as a Teaching Assistant in the Title 1 Program, one year as Kinder-plus teacher in kindergarten, and one semester as a media specialist. As a Title 1 Assistant my responsibilities included testing students for reading program placement, working with 72 students multiple times per week to raise reading abilities. This also included helping with Dibels testing, and playground and lunchroom duties. As a Kinder-plus Teacher I worked to ensure the success of my 27 students.  Our kindergarten team collaboratively aligned our curriculum, and methods, to help reinforce the common core curriculum. My responsibilities as a media specialist include maintaining the media center, and creating an inviting environment conducive to learning and the enjoyment of literature.  I selected media for a K-6 student body, while following the district guidelines. My curriculum included library skills, research skills, and digital literacy skills.  I worked closely with our computer teacher to develop beneficial library and research skills lessons for our students. My duties also included providing quality library services for our staff and students. 


August 2008 - May 2010                   Media Specialist and Para Professional

                                                           Paxton Consolidated Schools

                                                           308 N. Elm Street

                                                           P.O. Box# 368

                                                           Paxton, NE 69155



                My position at Paxton Consolidated Schools was part-time Media Specialist, and part-time Para-Professional Teaching Assistant for the Special Education Department.  As the Media Specialist my responsibilities included maintaining the media center, and creating an inviting environment conducive to learning and the enjoyment of literature and digital resources.  This included working with students to help them with class projects on the computer lap-tops, where they completed internet searches, made i-movies, and completed collaborative projects.  I selected media via various computer vendors, and Alexandria Library System inventory information, for a K-12 student body, while following the Nebraska State Rule 10 Guidelines for ordering literature for school media centers.  This included a minimum of 25 titles of fiction, and non-fiction literature for each grade K-12.  Also, I followed Nebraska State Standards and, AASL Library Standards, in the design of my K-6 lesson plans to teach library, and research skills, computer skills. and digital literacy to my elementary students.  During my two years as the Paxton Media Specialist I learned two Library computer systems. This included the Spectrum Library Media Computer System, and the Alexandria Library Media System which I selected, and installed.  As the Media Specialist, it was my responsibility to hold two Scholastic Book-Fairs per school year.  As a result of these book fairs we were able to purchase many new materials for the media center. As a Para-Professional for the Special Education Department I had the good fortune of working with students in second, fourth, and tenth grade in mathematics, reading, and English.  This required  the use of various assistive technologies such as the lap-top computers, i-pods, and various computer programs to help students with the curriculum. This was a very rewarding experience, for both the students and my-self. 


August 2007- May 2008                   

                                                                Instructional Teaching Assistant

                                                                North Platte Public Schools - McDonald Elementary

                                                                601 McDonald Rd. North Platte, NE 69101



                My position at McDonald Elementary included working with three reading groups, three intervention groups, and all students to ensure success in learning all academics on a daily basis.  Lunch room and playground duty, and preparing lesson materials are also a part of my position at McDonald. Working with twenty seven kindergarten students to ensure success is an absolute team effort.




August 2006 - July 2007                         Speech Pathology Assistant

                                                                Stetson Elementary - Principal: Mrs. Theresa Ritz

                                                                4910 Jedediah Smith Rd.- Colorado Springs, CO 80922

                                                                Phone (719) 574-4711                                                              


                Working with Pre-K through 5th grade students to improve speech articulation

and  language concepts, and continuous assessment.  We had a case load of seventy six children that we saw twice per week in groups.  This also included helping students adjust to assistive technologies.  It was also my responsibility to work with thirty preschool children in the phonological program.  It was also my responsibility to maintain the filing system, the Individual Education Plan Notebook, the student folders, lesson planning each week. 




June 2003 - August 2006                        Administrative Support Associate III/ Insurance Clerk

                                                                USAA Insurance

                                                                1855 Telstar Drive

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80920


                As an insurance clerk for USAA my experience included trouble shooting with people in other units over the telephone and through e-mails. Also, our unit indexed documents in the computer, we then scanned them into the system.  This included using an extensive coding system.  Also, we printed digital photos from the computer, sent in by field agents.  Creating a permanent record of certified letters and sending them to customers, was part of my responsibility, as well.  Scanning files from up on the floors, and from our file banks, into the system was a daily responsibility.  When in distribution, I worked the mail machine, sending out thousands of letters and packages a day.  We also, used the Fed Ex computer to send out Fed Ex letters, and packages.  Part of my responsibility included creating two computer technology notebooks for new employee training with our computer systems, and program use.   In our unit we needed to be flexible with the current, and incoming technologies, because our duties often would change, as the needs of the company changed.



July 2001 -May 2002                               Kindergarten Teacher

                                                                Centennial Elementary

                                                                1860 So. Chelton Rd.

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80910


                As a kindergarten teacher for Harrison District Two creating a safe and well balanced learning environment where students could thrive was a continuous goal. I taught many different subjects to include number meaning and recognition, counting, letter sounds and recognition, hands on science, and many concept developmental units for personal and social growth. My students did well on state exams, and had read over thirteen books, and knew their sight words for these reading materials. Addition, and subtraction were introduced on a basic level.  Using the Colorado State Standards helped to guide my lesson planning throughout the year.




June 2000 - Aug 2000                             Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

                                                                Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy

                                                                7675 Lexington Dr.

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80920                                                              

                As an assistant in the three to six year old Kindergarten classroom, Mrs. Paulette Hayden (Teacher), and I worked as a team to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for learning. Our students were all a various levels of learning. We set up hands on lessons to put on the shelves daily, and worked with the students in groups and individually.  During my time at Rocky Mountain Montessori, I was asked to set up the summer learning camp program.  I arranged over sixty small, and large field trips for the program, along with a contact notebook for ourselves and the office.   




October 1997 - May 1999                       Sand Creek Elementary School

                                                                550 Sand Creek Drive

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80916

                                                                (719) 579 -3760


                During my first year at Sand Creek I worked with students with special needs, and in the lunchroom as well. My second year I was placed in a kindergarten classroom as   Special Education Aide. I was there to work with one student, but was able to help with many of the students.  Also, I was asked to substitute one afternoon as well.  My student, Krista, taught me as much as I taught her that year. 



October 1996 - June 1997                      Teacher Assistant first & second grades


                                                                Carver Elementary

                                                                4740 Artistic Circle

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80917

                                                                (719) 328 - 7100


                At Carver Elementary, I volunteered in the Library for two years, two to three days per week.  The third year I was asked if I would like to apply for a Class Size Teacher Assistant Position. This included working with first and second grade students in class, and in small groups, throughout the day. We worked with mathematics, reading, and auditory battery to help with reading improvement. 




May 1987 - January 1989                                                                                                                                                                                               Optician - Montgomery Ward Optical


                                                                Contact:  Supervisor: Mr. Ernest Spidell

                                                                               114th & Dodge St.

                                                                               Omaha, NE 68114


                As an Optician my duties included scheduling doctor appointments, fitting and repairing eyeglasses, eyeglass adjustments, using the cash register, preparing the deposit for the bank, keeping the shop in good order, dying sunglass lenses, and using the lens-ometer to check lenses for prescriptions with new glasses, and customers lenses.




July 1984 - May 1987                              Assistant Manager

                                                                Dundee Movie Theater

                                                                Manager- Main Street Movies Video Store


                As the Assistant Manager of the theater my duties included opening and closing the theater, threading the projector, repairing film, managing the concession stand and box office, preparing the evening deposits, taking inventory of supplies, cleaning the theater, and managing two to four high school aged employees.  As the manager of Main Street Movies I would open and close the store. This included often managing both the theater and the video store at the same time. My daily responsibilities included preparing movies for the shelves, customer service, cash register, deposit preparation, and managing other employees. 




August 1981 - August 1984                     Assistant to the Director of State Transportation

                                                                Omaha World Herald Newspaper

                                                                Supervisor: Mr. Pat Polly or Mr. Bud Polk

                                                                14th & Dodge Street

                                                                Omaha, NE 68012


                At the Omaha World Herald my first position was as a Customer Service Clerk.  This included helping customers over the telephone, with use of a computer.  After six months I was promoted to State Contracts Clerk.  In this position I worked with State Carrier Managers to update contracts, and problem solve.  Also, I set up a completely new filing system for the state contracts. After three more months I moved to a new position as Assistant to the Director of State Transportation. This position still included working with the state contracts, but also included working with the State Transportation Director to problem solve with state managers, typing up correspondence, sending out parcels to state managers, and filling his shoes when he was out in the field.




June 1980 - September 1981                 Ward Clerk/ Medical Secretary

                                                                Lutheran Hospital

                                                                Supervisor: Mrs. Bylund

                                                                26th & Harney

                                                                Omaha, NE 68104


                As a ward clerk for Lutheran Hospital my duties included answering the patient monitor phone system, and connecting nurses with patients, creating new charts, sending orders to the pharmacy, restocking the crash cart after emergencies, answering the telephone, and managing the front desk on the fourth floor, with the R.N. in charge.






Aug. 2011 – Present                               University of Nebraska Kearney

                                                                Masters Information Sciences on-line (Library Media)

                                                                Student Records and Registration

                                                                Founders Hall

                                                                Kearney, NE 68849-1225



Oct. 2010- Aug. 2011                              Kaplan University

                                                                Medical Coding Program

                                                                P.O. Box 201762

                                                                Dallas, TX 75320



Aug. 2008- Aug. 2009                             University of Nebraska Kearney

                                                                Masters Courses On-line (Library Media)

                                                                Student Records and Registration

                                                                Founders Hall

                                                                Kearney, NE 68849-1225



May 1999 - May 2000                             UCCS Teacher Education Program

                                                                K-6 Teaching Certificate (56 Hours above B.A.)

                                                                1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80918



Sept. 1991 - Nov. 1993                           Chapman University

                                                                B.A. Criminal Justice/Sociology

                                                                7222 Commerce Center Drive

                                                                Colorado Springs, CO 80919



Febr.1988 to April 1988                          US Air Force Technical School

                                                                Personnel Specialist Course #1

                                                                Keesler AF Base, Biloxi, MS



Sept. 1989 - Jan. 1990                           Community College of the Air Force

                                                                Personnel Specialist Course #2

                                                                Correspondence Course



Sept. 1981 - Dec. 1989                           University of Nebraska @ Omaha

                                                                (First two years 60 credits - Major: Sociology)

                                                                60th & Dodge Street

                                                                Omaha, NE 68132



May 1978 - Jan. 1979                             Millard Sr. High Level II

                                                                High School Diploma (Jan 1979)

                                                                138th & “Q” Street

                                                                Omaha, NE 68142



Military Service:


Sept. 1987 -Dec.1989                         Nebraska Air National Guard

                                                            Lincoln, NE

                                                            (Moved with active duty Air Force husband

                                                            to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

                                                            and served as inactive service from Dec. 1989 to

                                                            to Sept. 1995.)



Volunteer Service:                            


Oct. 1990 - Oct. 1991                         USAF Academy Family Services



Sept. 1994 - May 1996                       Carver Elementary School (Library & First Grade)

                                                            Colo. Springs School District Eleven

                                                            Supervisor: Mrs. Patti Johnson (1st Grade Teacher)



March 1996 - June 1996                      El Paso County Court House

                                                             Jury Commissioners Office

                                                             20 E. Vermijo

                                                             Colorado Springs, CO 80903

                                                             Supervisor:  Mrs. Gracie Vigil


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