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Lori Applegate - Portfolio

Educational Philosophy

     As an educator, I believe my primary goal is to help my students develop a foundation in becoming productive citizens in the future, and to be a successful citizen, and learner for today.  It is up to us as educators to plan and develop differentiated learning experiences that help all of our students experience learning and success.  We must foster a classroom environment of tolerance, and respect, that helps every student to feel safe, accepted, and successful. 


     Educators should teach and model learning strategies, and the self-discipline that will help our students to become life-long learners.  As a teacher we must embrace, learn, and teach the new technologies that will help our students to develop the life-long learning skills, and strategies that will help them to be successful today, and in the future.  My students will learn to read, locate, evaluate information, and develop as a responsible digital citizen.


     As a media specialist I will touch the life of every student in a positive and professional manner that fosters learning and respect.  I will guide my students into becoming responsible digital citizens that use technology in a respectful, and responsible manner.  To be a media specialist is to be one who fosters a love of learning, and reading.  The media center is at the center of our school physically, intellectually, and socially, and will promote a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment of learning and success for all students, and staff.    


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